Small Team With Big Hearts for Northeast Volleyball

Natalie Laurent

Northeast’s volleyball team is ready for their season. The team has been training in the off season preparing for their one goal in mind. The goal of making it to the national tournament with a chance at the national title. One thing the team keeps above anything else, even trophies, is their love for each other and the game.

With only eight girls on the team, three of which are returning players from last year, the team instantly clicked within the first few season practices.

“The team dynamic is awesome, we all get along so well and work hard for one another,” Elizabeth Christensen said, “From the moment we started practices we all formed a strong bond, we all have love and passion for each other as well as the game.”

Even with a pandemic on the rise, that hasn’t deteriorated the girl’s attitudes towards their season, and each other.

“If anything, the pandemic brought us all closer since we have such a small team,” Jamie Bonifas said, “that makes getting to know each other a whole lot easier.”

From long bus rides to games, to overnight stays, the team has had lots of opportunities to be around each other and strengthen their bond. Many of the memories the team holds close to them are the moments right before a game.

“My favorite memory so far would have to be having our little dance sessions before each game,” Jamie said.

Players also will listen to music and visualize before the game. Jamie states that she and her teammates will watch the 2010 Nebraska Huskers ‘Long Live‘ video on YouTube to mentally prepare before each game.

“We all try and motivate each other and discuss our ‘WHY’ or the goals that we have,” Elizabeth said.

The team uses the term ‘WHY’ to be a reminder of why the girls play the game. This reminder also allows the girls to talk about their goals and how they can help keep each other accountable. As well as to get to know each player on a deeper level. This allows the team to stay connected as soon as the whistle blows at the start of a game.

“It is important to try and make myself better each time I set foot on the court for me and my team,” Jamie said.

The team may have hit some bumps on the road of their journey towards nationals, but their bond and love for each other have not faltered.

“These girls truly are special, we have a bond that only a few people get to be a part of in their life, and we plan to represent our community and college with pride and passion through the sport that we love,” Elizabeth said.