‘Family Guy’ episode to feature President Trump victimizing Meg


An upcoming episode of “Family Guy” features President Trump engaging in what sounds like a vile encounter with Meg, the sitcom’s writers revealed.

The two-part episode centers on Peter Griffin getting a new job as a newscaster, which leads to him being hired as Trump’s press secretary after the President observes Peter’s propensity for fake news, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Trump reportedly then becomes interested in Peter’s daughter Meg after she gets a makeover from Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

“We’re just playing to what Trump has already confessed to, say, on a bus,” the show’s executive producer Alec Sulkin told EW. “And he has an encounter like that with Meg.”

Writers did not go into many specifics, but Sulkin appeared to be referring to Trump’s infamous 2005 conversation with Billy Bush — which was caught on a hot mic — where he said “you can do anything” with women when you’re a star.

“Grab ‘em by the p — -y,” Trump said while sitting on a bus with Bush.

Audio of the conversation emerged weeks ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Sulkin told EW that writers were initially unsure if the episode, which airs during the Fox animated series’ upcoming season, would be approved by the network, but he says “a couple things happened” that made it possible.

“One, they read the script and enjoyed it, and said, ‘Yes, of course you can do this.’ And two, something that helped is just that Trump continued to be so preposterous on a daily basis that it really made it seem like this was an episode that we had to do,” Sulkin said. “It wasn’t something where we were going to be besmirching of the office of the president of the United States because, you know, he’s doing that for us.”