International Student Club a window to the world


Luna Sierra, Reporter

Do you have an interest in new cultures, learning a new language, or sharing information with foreign students?  Northeast Community College has a multicultural club for everyone, it is the International Student Association. In this club, international students and US students are welcome to join to and share their culture and traditions.

The adviser of the International Student Club is Pam Saalfeld who is the Director of the Center for Global Engagement. She says the club’s purpose is to have members socialize, plan activities, and have fun. Pam says “We work with all students who come to Northeast, talk and listen with each one and ask them if they have questions, concerns, problems or if they need any help. That is the goal.”

The International Student Club has gone to the mall, museum and the garden center in Omaha. Pam says, “Any activities like that would try to give students the chance to see more of state of Nebraska.”    This association wants to continue doing this type of trip for their members. Also, the International Student Club wants to create an event where international students could present something about their countries or they could make a special food in the cafeteria for all students and employees of Northeast Community College. This club has a Facebook page where they advertise information, meetings and trips for the members of the club.

Northeast Community College is a global society and a place where people want to understand others and their cultures. Northeast has a myriad of students from all the world and that means  there is diversity on campus. For that reason, this club wants to show all students who they are, their traditions, and their languages. But also international students want to learn everything about American culture.