Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences: Instructor of Transitional English Doris Wilson


Luna Sierra, Reporter

If students at Northeast Community College need to take a transitional English class, they will find Doris Wilson in room 238 in the Ag and Allied Health building. Doris is a Transitional English instructor at Northeast. She enjoys working with students and her coworkers too. “I like my job very much because I can work with the students and hopefully I help them,” Wilson said.

Doris was born and grew up on a farm in Stanton County. She took classes at Northeast, Wayne and Kearney State. She got one endorsement in Elementary Education K-6, a second endorsement in English and a Master’s degree in K-12 education.   Before she worked at Northeast, she worked in Humphrey, NE and taught special education, kindergarten, 11th and 12th grades.  Doris says, “My first job at Northeast was in Transitional English in the lab where I am still today.”

Doris is a patient and kind person, and this reporter knows that personally. She shows this through her work with the students every day. Wilson says, “I chose this job because I like to help people learn.” Since she was young, she knew that she wanted to teach and help people. She has 31 years serving the students of Northeast.

Doris is married with two sons and one daughter and has seven grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. Her big family celebrates holidays together, she talks with them on the phone, and she visits their houses too. She has hobbies like baking, reading, and refinishing furniture.  Wilson would like to be a volunteer in nursing homes and elementary programs for students when she retires.

Any student who visits room 238 of the Ag and Allied Health building has the opportunity to get to know Doris Wilson, her friendly smile, her kindness, and her knowledge.