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Halloween Talkin’ Hawks

Luna Sierra, Editor

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We wanted to know what Northeast students are wearing for Halloween. Edited by Luna Sierra.

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About the Writer
Luna Sierra, Reporter

Staff Job Title: Student

Major: Mass Media

Hometown: Norfolk, NE

About: I’m from Colombia. I graduated in 2015.  I am a sophomore in Northeast Community College. I’m glad to take this class, and I hope so I can improve my English, and learn new staffs about journalism. I like to read fiction and terror books. One of my dream is  work someday for The New York Times newspaperI think that this newspaper show very interesting articles about facts in the world. When I was in my school, I liked to speak much in special in my expositions. Now, I’m shy because I don’t have a very good English, but I hope so in the future I can speak of the same way that I speak my traditional language.

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Halloween Talkin’ Hawks