Media capstone projects challenge Northeast students


Mark Lange, Reporter

Each year, Digital Cinema and Broadcasting sophomores at Northeast are tasked with creating their Capstone projects. Digital Cinema and Broadcasting students are allowed to do anything from directing their very own short films, documentaries, game shows, or radio shows. Capstone projects are meant to be a culmination of all of the knowledge the students have learned over the course of their time at Northeast. Digital Media instructor Nancy Sutton-Smith says, “Capstone pieces are semester long projects meant to mirror real life media projects.”

Wes Thoene produced his Capstone as a rendition of the game show Hollywood Squares. Digital Cinema student Tiffany Jacobson works at News Channel Nebraska, and did her project on owner Mike Flood and the founding of NCN.

The Digital Cinema projects will premiere at the Norfolk 7 Theater Saturday, May 6 at 10 a.m. and Broadcasting projects will air on KHWK-TV starting Monday, May 8th at 10:00 am.  You can read more about the Digital Cinema capstone projects at this website. 

Here is the list of broadcasting capstone projects and their airtimes on Hawk-TV:

10:00 – Adam Christen – The Life of a Rancher During Calving Season
10:30 – Tanner Schaefer – Cooking with Tater
11:00 – Kallie Hanson –   Calvary Baptist Church: Building Up – Reaching Out
11:30 – Megan Kass – The Not Today Show
12:00 – Wes Thoene – Northeast Squares
The classes are taught by Broadcasting Instructor Brian Anderson and Digital Cinema Instructors Timothy Miller and Nancy Sutton Smith.