Technology Tips at the Help Desk


Photo by Mark Lange

Gregory Kosmacek, Customer Service Representative at the Northeast Help Desk

Mark Lange, Reporter

Technology can be a tricky thing to deal with, especially when you’re a college student. Say, for instance, you’re online in the middle of a test, and Sakai, the educational website, crashes, what do you do? When it’s not working properly, you need help immediately. Luckily, Northeast students have the Help Desk located in the library to help them with any and all technological troubles.

Customer Service Representative Greg Kosmacek says that the Help Desk receives a range of calls from students each day with a variety of different technical questions and concerns, such as help with a locked account, computer troubleshooting, and password resets. Kosmacek says that there are many ways to contact the Help Desk, no matter what the issue may be. If you have any questions about campus issues on your computer or phone, stop by the library or contact the Help Desk by email at [email protected], or call them at (402)-844-4357.