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Teachers Go On Field Trips Too!

Brian Anderson, (middle) Kate Trindle, (2nd right) Cara Hoehne with H-K employees, which is the primary union service in the area

Elizabeth Cornett, Editor in Chief

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Being a teacher does not always mean being in a classroom and for three lucky teachers at Northeast Community College (NECC) not being in a classroom is exactly what they will be doing. Brian Anderson, Kate Trindle, and Cara Hoehne will be in Aarhus, Denmark from March 21 to April 5 on a faculty exchange. The Aarhus, Denmark faculty were here in October of 2013 and now it is NECC’s turn to send faculty abroad.

Kate Trindle Brian Anderson Cara Hoehne

Kate Trindle, Brian Anderson and Cara Hoehne at Aarhus Business College in Aarhus, Denmark

This exchange is all part of a Comparative Cultures class at NECC. Eleven students are involved here and in Aarhus, Denmark there are about 30 students involved. The class is eight weeks long, but that eight weeks is jam packed with learning. The students communicate through a Facebook page and a closed Youtube account. The class is project based. The students recorded their Christmas traditions and shared with the Aarhus, Denmark students, the students from each place also have to make a movie about where they are from, traditions they have, and other things that deal with their culture.

Students at Aarhus Business College Aarhus, Denmark

Students at Aarhus Business College Aarhus, Denmark

The way this particular class works is that the schools have to have an agreement with one another. The class is to help students and faculty start international friendships and in the long run, this class will help student expand their resumes and help students understand how other countries differ from America.

Northeast Instructors tour Denmark

Northeast Instructors tour Denmark

Brian Anderson, Kate Trindle, and Cara Hoehne plan to visit different countries but mostly the teachers will be giving  presentations on American culture, and also to meet the students and visit with them. Eventually the teachers would love to have a student exchange, whether is it just for a couple of weeks or an entire semester. One of the goals of the college is to be more worldly and have students become more globally intelligent.

Northeast Instructors visit Kollerup Gods Manor, an exhibit of Manor Life from 1500 to 1925.

Northeast Instructors visit Kollerup Gods Manor, an exhibit of Manor Life from 1500 to 1925.

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Teachers Go On Field Trips Too!