Spring Break Stress


One of the two bickering cats…the other is her actually her mom.

Angela Richart, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Usually when you think of Spring Break you think of beaches and bikinis, but that was not the case for this girl. My week vacation from school was spent working, sleeping and lounging around my parent’s house with two bickering cats. I was, however, still somewhat productive. I got my car worked on and did some shopping with my mom in Norfolk on Wednesday. I even managed to get some cleaning and laundry done as well.

The time off from school was relaxing indeed, but since I’m taking a trip next week, my stress levels are still pretty high. Juggling two people’s schedules (that constantly seem to change) and making all the arrangements can be nerve wracking. It also doesn’t help that I spent a fair amount of my break drowning in a sea of paperwork for medical bills.

Needless to say this girl is suffering from a severe case of “Needs to Get Out of Town For a Few Days Syndrome,” and hopefully my road trip to Rapid City next week cures it. I do hope that everyone else on campus had themselves an amazing Spring Break. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me where you went and what you did on your vacation. Enjoy the rest of your year!

(Pictured is me with one of the two bickering cats…the second happens to be her mother. Go figure.)