Why is Cara So Awesome?


Dear Cara,

You may not have realized this, but  “cara is awesome” is actually a Facebook group, and here is a list of ten other things you probably didn’t know about Cara.


1. “cara” is Spanish for “face”

2. Mount Cara is a peak in Antarctica

3. CARA stands for Chicago Area Runner’s Association- a midwestern running organization.

4. Cara Island is off the west coast of Argyll, Scotland.

5. Cara Delevigne is a famous supermodel

6. The name Cara means “Friend” in Irish and “Beloved” in Latin

7. Cara was the name of a British Thoroughbred race horse and brood mare who lived between 1836 and 1857

8. Cara is a native Nigerian language

9. Cara Cara naval is a variety of orange.

10. Cara Operations is a franchise which operates restaurant chains.


Here is some totally original “Cara” humor for you?


Q: What do you call a Cara that goes to church?  A: Mass-cara

Q: What do you get when you cross a  Cara with a melon? A: Cara-mel

Q: What did the Cara drive to work? A: a cara-van

Q: What do you say to a Cara you want to leave? A: caraway


So as you can see, Cara is awesome and these are just a few reasons why.