The Perfect Jeans

Elizabeth Cornett, Editor in Chief

Every woman should be confident in herself, in what she stands for, and especially what she wears. If you think that you are not good enough or pretty enough, think again, you are. You do not need the best genes to have the perfect pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Tell yourself every morning, you are beautiful and that alone can make your day instantly better. Feeling confident about your body can make a real difference in how you perceive yourself, and how others look at you. Having at least one pair of jeans in your closet that make you feel great about yourself is a necessity for women now a days.

When buying a pair of jeans make sure you try them on before you purchase them. In fact trying them on is a cardinal rule when shopping. Just because the jeans are in your size does not mean they will “fit” you. When trying them on, always make sure that the jeans are long enough for you, hitting at the bottom of your foot, but if they are longer, the jeans can always be tailored. Most stores will hem you jeans for you, so make sure you ask. Also make sure they fit in the waist band. If it is gapping in the back, try a smaller size in the waist band. In the buttocks and crouch area, make sure that there is no wrinkling, like a flap of extra fabric below your bottom, or across your crouch in the zipper area. If you are not sure about the fit, do not be afraid to ask a sale associate or bring a friend with you that is not afraid to be honest. Also, make sure to visit several stores before you purchase a pair a jeans. Always go with you gut instinct. If the jeans feel lose, get a small size, if the jeans feel tight get a bigger size.


When purchasing the jeans, do not worry about money so much. Set a limit on how much you want to spend but do not be afraid to spend more than that. If you feel great in the jeans you will get your moneys worth. In Elizabeth’s closet, all of her jeans make her feel great about herself. She has two pair of “Daytrip” jeans and she spent well over $50 on each pair. However, she also has several pair of “Refuge” jeans which are considerably cheaper at $30. Having the most expensive pair of jeans might not make you feel your best, that is why trying them on is very important.

For more fashion tips on buy the perfect pair of jeans watch this video made by TLC’s What Not to Wear Stacey London and Clinton Kelly, both fashion experts and hosts of the show.


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