What to build and where to build it?


Jackson Miller, Shift Editor

Author Doug Coupland once said, ” If a building looks better under construction than it does when it s finished, then it’s a failure.” The Building construction class at Northeast community college is an extensive course that teaches  students a wide variety of skills need to complete houses and other projects. Roger Walker, building construction professor, said that students learn residential construction,framing, concrete work, drywall, and how to finish cabinetry. All of the amazing work done on these homes is done by the students. This course takes two years, when the students are freshman they get to design their house, and build the main structure. When their sophomore year comes around the students are able to finish their dream houses, inside and out, and then the houses are off to whatever destination is appropriate for them. Walker also stated that that most of the projects made by this program are done for nonprofit organization, he even said that they have done some work for habitat for humanity.This programs gives students a basic background construction techniques to be used in the working world.

The houses being built now were constructed by the building construction class and the electrical class, but some of the houses built also entail the help of the heating and air conditioning class.Eugene Leutkenhaus, electrical student said,” that I love this class because it is fun and it teaches me the skills I  need for a career some day.”The houses that sit on the college campus now are heading to West Point Nebraska to be lived in by families some day.