Hypnotist Chris Jones Wows The Crowd


Hypnotist Chris Jones

Elizabeth Cornett, Editor in Chief

“You can feel your eyes getting heavier and heavier, breathe in and out, relax, listen to the soothing sound of my voice as you drift further and further in.” Last night on the Northeast Campus, Chris Jones was here to perform for Wacky Wednesday. This was not his first time here, so the crowd was big and ready for a great show. Watching people be under his control and listen to what he has to say was the most impressive part. Not only were the people on stage hypnotized but also many people in the crowd fell under his spell. It was crazy to see people act like complete fools. Having men give birth and believe they were in a war video games, having women act like super heroes, and having everyone believe that they were at a busted party were at among the different scenarios that took place.

After the show, Chris Jones, his cousin, and a lot of Northeast students went to Burger King. Chris Jones talked about his life in Chicago, college, and listened to the students talk about life in Nebraska. The students talked a lot about hunting and Chris mentioned that next time he is here, maybe he will come up early so he can hunt too.

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