Unity in Paradise


What a crowd.

That’s all I could see or think for the fifteen minutes I helped prep in the Paradise Courtyard today, before the Root Beer Kegger. As I was tearing strips of nasty tape off the roll with my teeth and setting up for a booth I knew nothing about, I noticed so much diversity in the booths alone: The Gay Straight Alliance, the Student Government Association, KHWK, the Christian Student Fellowship, and several more. To see so many students, so many different people and organizations congregating in one place, getting along, and having fun, was an exhilarating experience in itself. And the root beer floats, smooth and frothy to the rim, were nothing shy of delightful.

“I’ve been working at Northeast Community College for nine years, now, and I have so much fun working with, and meeting, all the new students,” said Student Activities Committee Coordinator, Carissa Kollath. Our chat was brief, however I did uncover a few morsels she was more than willing to help me find: some of which include there being 16 groups present, and over 200 students signing up- a new record!

Root Beer, fellowship, and a lively introduction and enrollment to clubs wrapped up Welcome Week on the NECC campus. We’re off and running, Hawks!


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