Metal at the Phoenix Room

Brittany Hinkel, Shift Editor/ Cartoonist

On Saturday, March 2, four local metal bands performed at the Phoenix Room for the metal fans here in Norfolk.

The bands were: Sin/Fixx, Glasgow Smile, Faith Buried in Flames and Architect or Arsonist. The bands started performing at 9:00 pm, all with their own original songs.

The bands Sin/Fixx, Glasgow Smile, and Faith Buried in Flames had all played live shows before and rocked the stage just as they have all of the other times.

However, for one band, the night was more than just another show; it was their very first opportunity to play in front of a live crowd.

The local band Architect or Arsonist is a newer metal band that has been playing for about a year and a half. The members include: Marcus Schwager as the lead vocalist, Cody Grimm as the lead guitarist, Jeff Siedschlag as the bass player, and Cody Suckstorf as the drummer.

The members of the band were very nervous and excited to play, “We got to share the stage with bands that we have been listening to for years,” said Cody Suckstorf, drummer.

Architect or Arsonist created their band after the idea of the influence of Humanity, the idea that humans have the power to either destroy or create.

Which could be considered part of the inspiration for their future plans: to progress as much as possible so as to not die out in the next 20 years. In other words, build on to Metal, not destroy it.

Marcus Schwager, the vocalist, says he gets his inspiration from Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe and Trevor Strnad, the singer for The Black Dahlia Murder.

“We’re doing something that no other genre of music seems to be doing: progressing. There’s a small few of us in the Norfolk region who appreciate this kind of music, and that’s who we do it for: the fans,” said Schwager.

Altogether, the performances from each band were nothing short of exceptional. All four bands will be playing at the Phoenix Room again on March 30th. If you, or anyone you know enjoys great metal music for a low cost, go down to the Phoenix Room and give these bands your support.