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Rachel Ellis, Reporter

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Our generation is the first to be immersed in technology since early childhood. From computer class in Kindergarten to smartphones that do everything but turn on your oven (don’t worry: LG is working on it) We are the techno-logic age.

Chances are that your major relies on technology; as a Sophomore in Audio and Recording Technology, I am required to keep up-to-date on the latest and greatest, and know how to use them, in order to be competitive in the field. This is becoming the trend across all careers as well, including those that do not focus on technology.

My immersion in technology inspires me to write this column for students. While I will admit that screaming goats make great backup singers, information on the internet has become so readily available and massive that it can be hard to determine what we need to know.

Every week I will feature a new gadget, useful website, or other technological advance that could have an impact on how we go about our every day routine, the way we communicate, or it could just be something to use in our free time.  

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Rachel Ellis, Reporter
Hometown: Lincoln, Ne Class: Sophomore Major: Audio Recording and Technology Staff Position: Reporter Fun Fact: I play the string bass.
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