Northeast Starbucks Construction Delayed


Photo of what the kiosk could look like after construction. Courtesy of Brandon McClain, Director of Physical Plant at Northeast Community College.

Nikita Rector, Editor in Chief

Plans to construct a Starbucks in the Welcome Center of Northeast Community College has been delayed.

On Feb. 27th the truck containing the Starbucks kiosk and other equipment, was in an accident outside of Rochester, Minnesota.

According to Mark Bonk, Director of Food Services at Northeast, everything in the truck was destroyed and they will have to rebuild.

Borton Construction, based in Wisconsin, is the company that does all of the Chartwells construction projects. Bonk said that he is confident they will have the kiosk rebuilt and ready, as soon as possible.

Construction was planned to begin Feb. 28, but is delayed by approximately a week.

The Starbucks kiosk will be located in the Welcome Center of the college, between the Financial Aid and Business offices.

More information will be available as construction proceeds, and a new opening date is announced.