Everyone Has a Story-Mitchuim Wells (DJ Myrrh)


Brittany Hinkel, Editor/Cartoonist

Mitchuim Wells, known better as DJ Myrrh, is a resolute citizen here in Norfolk, Nebraska. Wells is an assistant manager at Radio Shack during the day, and at night, he is a DJ for the Phoenix Room and the Depot.

Though Wells isn’t making a living from being a DJ quite yet, it has been a dream of his for a while, and he plans to take it much further, hopefully by turning it into a career.

He started out with more classical music in Jr. High School, playing the baritone, tuba, and the drums.

As Mr. Wells headed to college, he started getting into different kinds of music. He went to the University of Nebraska Lincoln 3 years for a business administration to radio broadcasting major, and there he joined a rap group for two of those years.

He decided to change his major and went to Chadron State College for 2 ½ years for a music business major.

One night while Wells was attending Chadron State, one of his friends who was a DJ for a local bar asked him to DJ for him.

After that night, he moved on to a dance club called The Red Zone in town, which started him as a modern DJ.

Chadron, Nebraska is a relatively rural community and there is a large country base. So, Mitchuim Wells started doing what he calls “Swing Country,” or, country mixed with rap.

“One minute, I’m playing that Chattahoochee song by Alan Jackson, and then I make a transition to Lil’ Jon, and the same people dancing to Chattahoochee are still on the floor.”

That way, DJ Myrrh could please a larger variety of people.

“You’re not going to make everybody happy all of the time, but if you make most everybody happy most of the time, you got a pretty good turn out.”

Being a DJ is very important to Wells, it is not only a source of income, but also an outlet and a good way to express himself.

“If I have a bad day or something, I think to myself ‘Good thing I’m DJing tonight’.”

Wells is also the DJ for Born Hustla Records, a Nebraska based Hip-hop collective. Though he hopes to one day establish an entertainment company (Chief Principle Entertainment) and continue to build himself and his brand, he does not only want success for himself. He hopes the whole group of them will make a good living out of it and attract artists and other rappers.

“I take pride in our group. We promote ourselves and produce our own music. Everything we do, we give and get one hundred percent.”

Though some dreams may seem unreachable, nothing is impossible. Mitchuim Wells’ advice is:

“It is human nature to doubt yourself, and it’s normal for others to doubt you. But if you are passionate about something, and you know in your heart that’s what you want to do, you keep pushing. People will see your determination and opportunities will come up.”

DJ Myrrh works every Wednesday at the Phoenix Room and every Friday at The Depot. His next big gig will be Halloween Havoc at the Phoenix Room on Oct. 27th, so you kids 21 and older, go check it out.