Fun Halloween Treats: Edible Eyeballs

Jennifer Tosh

Edible Eyeballs

Jennifer Tosh, Graphic Editor

You will need:

Wax Paper

1/2 cups softened cream cheese

22 chocolate sandwich cookies (oreos)

Lifesaver Gummies

Handful of chocolate chips

2 cups white chocolate chips



*Crush the sandwich cookies into fine crumbs.

*Mix cookie crumbs and cream cheese in a mixing bowl and stir until the ingredients are well combined.

*Roll half tablespoonfuls of the cookie mixture into balls and place them on waxed paper. Use your thumb to make a shallow nick-size depression in the top of each ball.

*Chill the cookie balls for about an hour.

*Melt the white chocolate chips according to the directions on the package.

*Dip each ball in the chocolate, set them on the tray, and put a Lifesaver gummie with a chocolate chip in the middle where the depression was.

*Let cool then serve.

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