The World is Turning, Journalism is Changing, and The Viewpoint Goes Digital.

Nikita Rector, Editor in Chief

“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.” Philip Graham, publisher of the Washingon Post, said.


Print Journalism prospered throughout the 1900’s but has slowly begun to decline, due to the rise in radio, TV, and Internet.

It has been said however, that even with these other sources available, newspapers remain the best source for hard and investigated news stories.

The future of journalism however is yet very unclear.

With the Internet and constantly changing technologies the industry is at a rocky point.

Print publications can chose to move forward with the times and adapt, or continue with the way they have been doing things, and most likely go bankrupt.

You must change with the times, or the times will change without you.

These changes would include involving more web, video and voice media with the text.

I expect Journalists will adapt with the times and there will be some version of print news available for years to come.

This is why The Viewpoint is going all digital.

As of January, 2013 The Viewpoint newspaper will be available online only, at