Have a Tattoo? You Judge Too.

Nikita Rector, Editor in Chief

“When people get tattoos and spend 98% of their time complaining about how society “judges” them.” Facebook user Michaela Volk posted on April 11, 2012.

This made me stop and think: yes, quite often society does judge people for having tattoos. Many people see them as trouble makers.

Some think tattoos are only for big burly biker guys or gang members. This is not true, many people nowadays have tattoos.  This does not make them bad people or give others any reason to judge them.

Many people with tattoos today are very different from the way people perceive them.  Business men and women, teachers, federal or state employees, often times they have tattoos. They are usually obligated to cover them up, however they still may have them.

According to a recent Harris Poll 1 in 5 or 21% of U.S adults has at least one tattoo.

Tattoos are becoming increasingly more popular, but people still judge others for it. When I went to get my first tattoo for example my family judged me as well and was very stereotypical about how it would “make me look.”

It does work the other way as well though, occasionally people with tattoos will judge those who don’t have them.

For example, a friend of mine (who does have tattoos but keeps them covered up) went into a tattoo parlor to set up an appointment and get a price on a tattoo. The man at the desk was rather rude and not very willing to help her. When she rolled up her sleeves in frustration and he saw the tattoos on her wrist, things changed. He was willing to talk to her and help her figure out exactly what she wanted and when she could get it done.

This just proves that everyone is judgmental. Tattooed people complain about others judging them, but they do the same thing. Tattoo artists even stereotype people they don’t think would have tattoos and treat them differently.

People are judged on their looks no matter what, tattoos just increase that and give others the opportunity to judge based on looks. Tattoos  permanently mark your skin and make you different.  Tattooed people feel judged by those around them, and they often feel that gives them the right to judge others as well.

T.V. shows such as LA Ink and Ink Master have made getting tattoos more popular and accepted. In the Midwest however, many people still see it in the traditional and conservative ways in which they were raised, that tattoos are bad and sinful.

So always remember, when you point a finger at someone else, there are three pointing right back at you.