Cody Heinke: the Man Behind the Drums

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

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Peter Frampton once said, “You never give up because you just never know what will happen.”

Giving up is not something Cody Heinke plans on doing; who’s dream is to be a touring audio engineer.

Cody is the owner of his own production company called Tuning Fork Production Company.  He started out in 2007 in his hometown of Mead, Neb. with barely any gear; but he had a dream.   After high school he decided to attend Northeast Community College because of its great audio program and he wanted to gain more knowledge and in turn gain more business for his company.

Along with audio, Cody has a passion for drums.  His family is the ones who inspired him to play. He received his first drum set from his grandma when he was three; a cheap set from the dollar store.  His grandma then passed away and when he was eight he got a junior drum kit, and then got his first standard drum kit in second grade.  Cody continued to play the drums in honor of his grandma.  He now has two drum kits, one of them is a Mapex Saturn Pro Series made of birch, and in other words he says is very loud.

Cody has been in eight bands including one called Drinking Money, which is a cover band and plays everything from Lady Gaga to Stevie Ray Vaughan.  His favorite genre of music to play on the drums is prog (progressive) metal.  He, along with many other musicians around the Norfolk area, finds himself in a dying music scene but he still won’t give up.  Plus, he can play guitar which he picked up at thirteen and produce music.

When Cody puts his first passion: drums, with his other passion: audio, he can add subs and other things and make it sound even better.

Recently, Cody helped do sound with Audio Visions production company of Omaha for Peter Frampton, and that is just the start.

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