Find the Editors With Your Camera, Win a Prize!!


Can you see Alberto?

Britt Young, News Editor

Where’s the Editors?  Donde Es Alberto?

Shenanigans are a foot in the newsroom the week of April 16th.  What does this mean for the Northeast Campus?  Free prizes and some cool pictures!
On the week of April 16th the editors of the news staff are dressing up and walking around campus waiting for random pictures to be taken of them.  Each editor has chosen a day to dress up in a wacky costume and walk around campus.
The pictures of the editors in their costumes and the days that they will be dressed up will be put on the web.  It is Northeast Campus’s job to find the editors and take pictures with them in their costumes.
Alberto will be dressed up on a random day dressed up as Where’s Waldo.
Taking the most creative picture of the editors will get the best prize from the Viewpoint Staff.  The grand prize will be given to the best picture taken with Alberto as Where’s Waldo.  His picture will be posted on the web everyday to show how he will be dressed.
So don’t be weirded out if crazy outfits are seen around campus.  Just take a picture with them and have a chance to win the prize.  Good luck everyone, and happy hunting!!

Upload Pictures to [email protected] to be apart of the contest.