Drama From Overseas: ATM-Brits vs. U.S, Cycle 18

Britt Young, News Editor

America’s Next Top Model added another twist this season by adding a whole different type of girls, Britain’s Next Top Model participates, and these girls do not play nice.

At the beginning of every show they go through all of the participants and their names.  The last few seasons Tyra Banks has decided to do the same beginning.  The girls fight over a tiara and have a food fight.

This is to symbolize all the drama and fighting that the girls go through while they are on the show together.  In many seasons the girls pick fights and go out of their way to poke fun of other girls.

This season, the beginning is very fitting.  The British girls come into the show as fireballs willing to do whatever it takes to win Top Model.  They state many times that making it the United States, is making it in modeling.

Top Model this season also has two plus models, one from the Brits and other from the U.S.  In Plus Size Model Magazine they explain what qualifies as plus size in modeling, “the majority of plus-size models on agency boards are between a size 6 and 14.”

They are all competing to be the last model standing at the end of the competition.  Like every year the girl who wins get a modeling contract and becomes the face of some kind of cover girl product.  This year they also get a full spread in Italian Vogue.

Banks is the creator and head of Top Model, and she leads the group of judges.  On the CW website (http://www.cwtv.com/shows/americas-next-top-model) states, “Banks leads the panel of judges, comprised of New York Times best-selling author and fashion public relations maven Kelly Cutrone and noted photographer Nigel Barker.”

Every “weigh in”, which is the time that the judges make critiques on the pictures that the models posed for, the girls either dress in British flag or U.S. flag shirts.

As the show moves on things start to get murky between the British girls.  The British girls are out for themselves most of the time and have problems working together.  Tbe American girls are eager to work together and form bonds as they go through the competition.

All of the British girls have been on Britian’s Top Model and have faced what happens in the competition.  This could be the reason that they are all out for themselves and do not want to form the bonds that the U.S girls are.  They understand what happens to those bonds as the competition heats up and they are faced with going against a friend.

As of right now the U.S team has won every challenge that they have faced so far on the show.  Winning a challenge means that the whole team wins a certain prize.

Recently a young lady from the British team decided to go home because of not being able to take the advice of the judges.  She became very rude and decided to walk out, get a cab and go home.

America’s Top Model is very interesting this season because of the mix between the two teams and how they work together.  Every episode some form of the celebrity judge is added during the weigh in, and sometimes helps them with their shoots.

Tune in on the CW Wednesday nights at 9/8c to see all the drama as the British and U.S collide on America’s Next Top Model- British Invasion, Cycle 18.