SAC Spring Break Kickoff

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Northeast had its annual Spring Break kickoff party on February 29, a few days before break officially started. The event was held this year in what was previously the game room inside the Student Center. The event, which was sponsored by the Student Activities Council (SAC), was aimed mainly towards having a fun, safe and healthy Spring break. The kickoff party had many stations where people attending got items either fun or for educational purposes. Among these items were condoms, first aid kit, sun screen lotion, a beach ball, and a pledge to not drink and drive.

One of the biggest pieces of information given was an informational pamphlet on how to stay safe during spring break in a variety of situations. This included situations such as how to stay safe when travelling overseas.

This activity was done in conjunction between the groups SAC and Healthy Hawks. Healthy Hawks is dedicated to informing the college population about key health matters and how to stay healthy while still having a fun time.  SAC is a group on campus that is dedicated to organizing events like this one and weekly ones such as Wacky Wednesday and Monday Night at the Movies and other events throughout the semester to get student involvement.

Another station that was available at the Spring break kickoff was a drunken goggles station. Here people had the option of finding out how many drinks it would take them until they were legally intoxicated and then try and walk a straight line with drunken goggles.  According to, students drink an average of 10 drinks a day during spring break  (compared to an average of 6 during the rest of the school year.

A station of big focus was the sobriety pledge. This station consisted of signing a pledge to remain sober when driving during Spring break.

At the end of all of the stations there was a root beer keg where students kept going back for more root beer.

According to the number of students, which was a good turnout, about 175 students showed up and left with a lot of information. By the safe return of all of the students from Spring break, the event was a success.

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