Cat Got His Tongue: It’s Leap Year!


Will you marry me?

Britt Young, News Editor

Many women wait all their lives to find “Mr. Right”, but what happen when he is found and will not commit with a ring?  Good news girls Leap Year is here!
The leap year tradition is booming, it was even made into a movie where a women went all the way to Ireland to ask her significant other one question:  Will you marry me?

At one time a woman that proposed to man would be scandalous.  Giving women one day every four years gave them the chance to have the ball in their court without looking bad.

It is legend that on leap year that is the only time that a women can propose to a man that will not be looked down upon by society.  Some folklore go so far to say that when a woman proposes on leap year, a man can not refuse if they love the women.

Many women in today’s society have proposed to men and they have said yes.  Women proposing does not seem as taboo as it use to be in our society.

“I think it is alright that girls propose and not just around leap year, unless it is tradition for the man to propose.”  Jeff Ingwerson commented when asked about women proposing in general.

At one time this was looked down upon and they were set aside one day every four years that they could buy a ring to tie the knot.

Four years gives time for some really big plans for some women.  One women this year, according to, was dared to propose by her boyfriend.  Knowing that this was indeed leap year she decided to try it.

She spent months trying to figure out the right way to propose, and finally she decided to make it simple and just take the plunge.  When gave him a simple ring and proposed he thought she was joking at first.  He finally realized that she was serious and got down on his knee and said yes.

On the website Urban Legends they state that the tradition started over four centuries ago and they this the women to right to propose to a men instead of the other way around.  They also go on to say that the folklore about the women proposing the male not being able to deny was mostly in books to make it more dreamy.

Leap year is all over and done for this year, but many women took the time to grab their guy and ask them the question they always wanted to hear from their love.

Ingwerson said, “[If a couple have been] dating a long time and she does not think he will make the move, she should do it herself.”

The chance for this leap year is over, but maybe the chance is not completely gone.  Go for the proposal and see what happens.  If it is tradition and legend that sets the mood, sit down and wait another four years for the next leap year.