Happenings in March


Brittany Young, News Editor

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It’s time to honor the women that are important in our lives and in history, this month is Women’s History Month.  March is also a month to starting watching what is eaten and be healthier, this is National Nutrition Month.

From Amelia Hart to Joan of Arc, there have been many strong women that have moved us to where we are today.

At one time women were not able to fly, vote, or even have a job because they were more like property to the men in their lives.  Women were supposed to raise children and take care of the home and stay out of men’s problems.

Women were looked at as the weaker race.  Men were the strong ones, and women were weak and feeble.  Women were meant to bear children and cook the meals for the men that were out doing the manual labor that “brought in the bacon.”

Today, women are able to do anything that their hearts desire.  If they can think of it, then they can achieve it.

Ady Gutierrez, a student at Northeast weighed in on this celebration, “I feel that as a women I am proud for the changes we have made and for the opportunities we have today because of the brave women before us.”

In 1982, congress decided that one week in March would be Women’s History week.  Then in 1987, after the Women’s History Project petitioned, congress changed it to Women’s History Month.

On http://womenshistorymonth.gov/, they go through many lists of information about women who have changed women’s rights.  In one article they talk about women starting out in the home, then to the fields, and then to factories while the men were away at war.

Now women are able to enlist in the army and fight in the war along with their brothers.

At one time women were not able to go to school at all, let alone college.  On http://womenshistorymonth.gov/, they wrote that women outnumber men in American colleges, so the numbers have been switched around in the recent years.

It has taken many years for women to get to this point.  There have been many struggles and failures for women, but they can now go out and know that they can do anything they want.  There was always one woman that stood up for every woman to fight for the rights.

Without women we would not Kevlar, Stephanie Kwolek was a scientist that spent time researching material that would be five times as strong as Steel, according to women-inventors.com.

Without Ruth Wakefield, no one would be able to enjoy chocolate chip cookies. When making cookies Wakefield put in semi-chocolate pieces in her cookie dough thinking they would melt.  When she took them out of the oven, she realized she had made something special.  Wakefield sold the cookies near a bed and breakfast.

This month is the time to tip our hats and propose a toast for women.  Let’s hear it for everything they have been through so women can dream and achieve anything.

March is time to start watching what is eaten to lose those unwanted pounds.  According to eatright.org, “The campaign focuses attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.”

There are many people in the U.S.  that are not as healthy as they should be.  They do not watch what they eat or do they focus on the right kinds of foods.  This month’s awareness was created to help people understand that they need to focus more on making the right decisions on food that is consumed.

Like National Women’s History Month, National Nutrition Month started out as a week awareness and then was changed in the 80’s because of the growing awareness of nutrition.

On eatright.org they discuss what kind of food and portions need to be eaten daily to help with a healthy living and nutrition.  The food table was changed recently to a plate image to show portions instead certain servings.

On cdc.gov, they state that more than one-third of the U.S. population is obese.  It’s time to band together and start living a healthier life for future generations.  Visit eatright.org for more information about this month’s awareness and healthy tips to start eating better.

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