Student Profile: Landon Harley

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

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 Landon Beau Harley was born on February 27, 1992 in O’Neill, Neb.  He grew up in Winnetoon, Neb and attended Ewing Public School where he graduated in 2010.  While in high school, Landon played football and was on the speech team. 

Landon is currently in his second year of college at Northeast and is majoring in Education.  Landon is on the Northeast Speech Team.  He enjoys speech and has already received eleven trophies this year.  “Speech is really fun because you can escape into another world.” said Landon about why he likes being on the speech team.  Landon also said that although speech is fun, the tournaments begin to become a grind after a while, but still worth it.  “The speech team has had a good impact on my life.”

One of the reasons Landon enjoys speech so much is because he likes to write.  He has even performed some of his own works at speech tournaments and has received 10 trophies from them.  Landon writes short stories for himself and others.  Eventually Landon hopes expand his short stories into a three novel series.

Someday Landon hopes to make a lot of money to fund all of the things he wants to do; like travel the world and visit third world countries and tell them about their maker.

Landon doesn’t have a lot of off time between school, speech and working at Affiliated.  When Landon does have free time he enjoys visiting the elderly in the home and showing them that someone cares.  Landon said that, “visiting the elderly touches you more than playing a video game in your spare time.”  Landon also added that, “Doing something for someone else is doing something nice for yourself.”

Some other things about Landon:  He loves his momma!  Landon is a total momma’s boy.  His favorite colors are red and blue.  His favorite sport’s teams are the Nebraska Huskers and the Green Bay Packers.  And if Landon could have any superpower, he would want the ability to love as much as God does.

Landon’s future plans include graduating from Northeast in May then transferring to Wayne State and getting his bachelor’s degree in Education.  Although Landon knows he wants to teach, he is not quite sure yet what subject he wants to enlighten his students with.  Landon is however sure that he wants to coach football.  Maybe one day he will end up coaching for his favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers.

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