Born Villain

Born Villain

Brittany Hinkel, Reporter/Cartoonist

Marilyn Manson is an interesting individual whose work has, no doubt, shocked world culture throughout the years. This year will prove to be no different with the upcoming release of his brand-new album, “Born Villain.” This album will be officially released on February 27, 2012. Just like the years before, Manson hopes to attack the negative aspects of society and educate others about the concepts of his music.

In fact, he stated in an interview on That Metal Show, aired October 12, 2011, “There’s always a concept behind anything I do, like the record that I’ve just finished, called “Born Villain,” that’s coming out next year.”
The album will include new songs such as ‘Dancing with My Heart,’ ‘Forgive me Father,’ ‘I am Among No One,’ and the most talked about, ‘No Reason’.
When asked what fans can expect from this album during the same 2011 interview, Manson replied, “This record, I think, represents the personality of what Marilyn Manson is…”

After listening to and reviewing the album, I have found that many of the songs display a rather different sound, compared to traditional Manson songs. The most recent albums, starting with “The High End of Low,” have strayed toward a different end of “the music spectrum.” For example, songs such as: ‘Dancing with My Heart’ and ‘Forgive me Father’, seem to have a sound that would be best described as 80’s music mixed with techno.

Even so, this album has proved to be nothing short of what Marilyn Manson truly represents. True, it does not entirely have the traditional Manson sound, and may not be what fans expect. However, it is even more obnoxious, more obscene, and more unapologetic. It brings to light the same issues in an entirely new way, and I am personally anxious for its release.

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