Does Nebraska have a new state song?

Alberto Garcia, A & E Editor


“Something, something about my cool Nebraska guy, yeah something about, baby, you and I.” We have all heard that song by famous New Yorker, Stefani Joanne Angelina Gemanotta, and better known as Lady Gaga. Her song, You and I, has become an international success, making Nebraska internationally known. The song talks about her relationship with Omaha native, Luc Carl, whom she met before becoming a famous and successful. The romance between the two has been a back forth with them being together, and breaking up constantly.  The song which talks about a girl in love and remembering her romance with a Nebraskan and the memories she has about him. Maybe that is one reasons Lady Gaga keeps going back to Carl, he was around her before she became a star and maybe he keeps her grounded.

This song is one of the most popular, if not one of the only national hits that talks about Nebraska. People all over the world now know about Nebraska. This song is becoming known as “Nebraska’s new state song” because most, if not all of Nebraska’s youth know this song. Most of them probably don’t know the name of the actual state song.

Lady Gaga, who has had a few performances in Nebraska, has undoubtedly  gained a large fan base here in the Cornhusker state. She has also grown close to the state of Nebraska and its people.  During this past summer there were many rumors that Mother Monster, as she is known by most of her devoted fans, was planning on moving, and later living, in Omaha, Nebraska.  So the true question would have to be, is Nebraska ready for a star with the magnitude of Lady Gaga, to live in Nebraska.