The Travel of a Thought

Ryan Forth, Assistant EIC

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How often will a person think about where a thought travels? For example, how did we suddenly start talking about life in outer space? We were talking about chances. Odds are there are about four parts of that conversation you forgot about.
Life is like that. You can look at the beginning of something: a job interview gone right, and you can look at the end: a promotion. But can you remember every step of the way? The way it seems, life is kind of a blur. There is only the now, and the past is the prologue, according to a famous person. The articles in this issue seemed to follow that train of thought. For residence life, students are legitimately attempting to enact change – change that may be for the better. The best part: no one knows until it happens. It’s like a game of cards, you only know if you called that bluff when you do. It may not be one, but you threw your chips in and got to see: that’s the important thing. That’s what life is. Life is about being ballsy enough to throw in the chips, lay down your hand, and say, “let’s see it.”
Every day in said life may not be nice, and you may lose a few hands, but when it’s all over, are you confident in the choices you made and the game you played? Most people aren’t.
I’m a bit of a movie fanatic, so phrases like “All men die, but few men truly live,” come part and parcel with life to me. What scares me about these lines are just how true they are when you think about them. Sorry guys, Mel Gibson was right.
So that’s life. My thought traveled a little out there and stayed close enough to home to make it easy. Now all that’s left is to find the next game to take.

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