The Viewpoint

Surviving College: Keeping Your Faith in College

Regan Dorcey, Reporter

October 17, 2018

To most students, college means freedom and independence from mom and dad. This means they have the freedom to do what they want when they want. College is often a time when a student’s faith becomes their own choice. For many college students, it seems that sleep is a better option than going to mass...

I Swear

I Swear

Angela Richart, Editor-in-Chief

October 30, 2014

“Freak!” One word Spat distastefully from someone’s mouth Like projectile vomit. It is hissed again in my ear Echoing, stinging, I can feel it. It burns a hole. I sit numb, staring into the window; Staring into space. Ignoring the occasional flick to the back of my head I...

The Young Girl’s Prayer

The Young Girl’s Prayer

Angela Richart

September 2, 2014

"Dear God, It's me again, Maggy. I know it is late, I hope I didn't wake you up. I'm seven years old now, but I'm not happy. Mama died when I was two, remember? And Daddy died last week. The police took my brother Joey away, and locked him in a dark cell. They accused him of stealing. They said ...

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