The Young Girl’s Prayer

Angela Richart

“Dear God, 
It’s me again, Maggy. I know it is late, I hope I didn’t wake you up. 
I’m seven years old now, but I’m not happy. Mama died when I was two, 
remember? And Daddy died last week. The police took my brother Joey away, 
and locked him in a dark cell. They accused him of stealing. They said I would 
never see him again. God, if it’s not too much to ask I’d like to see him again and have a friend
and to have a good meal, but most of all, God, I’d like to have my mommy and
daddy back again too. I miss them a lot. It is hard like this, alone with my teddy
bear, Clarence. I don’t like the alley where I live, especially when it rains. But I know
its just my mommy and daddy crying because they miss me so much. My
tummy hurts really bad. The people who took Joey said someone was coming
to take me to an orphanage tomorrow. He said I’d meet lots of little kids whose
mommies and daddies are with you too. I am worried about meeting so many
new people. The streets of New York are always so busy, people walk by and they
never even see me. But all I have ever known is the city. When I come to your castle in the clouds to meet my mommy and daddy can I  have a pair of golden wings? I love you God.
(Oh and…P.S. I hope I didn’t ask for too much, because I really don’t need a friend and by the way what is an orphanage?)” 

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