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One Man’s Opinion: Taylor Swift Is An Idol

One Man’s Opinion: Taylor Swift Is An Idol

Joe Lose, Writer

March 6, 2014

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Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is one of the hugest stars in the universe.  She puts out hit after hit like it's her job (mostly because it is) and she's good at it.  She's an incredibly talented and gifted young lady.  Furthermore, she's really...  grown up.  Screw it, let's be honest.  She's...

Online Dating: To Friend or Not to Friend

September 5, 2013

Filed under Lifestyles

Now that Facebook has taken over the world, it’s hard to know the appropriate “friending” etiquette as it relates to the dating scene. I get this question all the time – “Should I friend someone after the first date if it went well?” The short and sweet of it is … no no no! When it comes...

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