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Northeast Singer’s Express Is A Hidden Gem

Northeast Singer's Express Is A Hidden Gem

Karly Liska, Reporter

October 9, 2014

If you are in the Cox Activities Center at Northeast Community College on Monday and Wednesday evenings, you might hear show tunes floating down the hallways. If you decide you want to find where the music is coming from, you will eventually find room 105 and if you are curious enough to peer through...

Male wolf spiders steal dance moves to impress the ladies

Caitlin Wilson/Mariella Moon

April 11, 2012

Dancing today comes in many different forms. From ballet to freestyle. Dancing is a way to express yourself and have fun. For male wolf spiders, it is their way to find a mate. Male wolf spiders are naturally gifted dancers. Perhaps more impressive than dancing, is the fact that they are cunning enough...

Seven Year Old Single Ladies

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

November 29, 2011

Little girls shaking their money makers. First of all, why are they shaking anything at all; and secondly, why are they making money for it? Dancing today is obviously different than it was in the past.  Today dancing is all about grinding and moving the hips.  However, there are certain ages...

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