Seven Year Old Single Ladies

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

Little girls shaking their money makers.

First of all, why are they shaking anything at all; and secondly, why are they making money for it?

Dancing today is obviously different than it was in the past.  Today dancing is all about grinding and moving the hips.  However, there are certain ages when that is just not appropriate.

There are many videos on of little girls moving their bodies in ways that is just not right for their age.  One of these videos is a trio of seven year old girls dancing to the song, “My Boyfriends Back.”  The girls are moving, twirling, and getting low in very promiscuous ways.  The trio’s costumes consisted of super short shorts, a top that just covers their breast region, long gloves and tall socks.

It is very inappropriate for these girls to be dancing and dressing this way.  Also, one has to wonder why in the heck their mothers and fathers are letting them dance like that.  Not to mention, the girls are dancing in front of hundreds maybe thousands of people because they put the video up on youtube.  That video is now easily available for pedophiles and child molesters to watch.

“My Boyfriends Back – Dance Precisions (7 year olds)” is the name of the video on youtube.  The clip was added a year ago by unfamousfamouskids1, is 2:17 long, and has over 1,700,000 hits.

The video has generated nearly 2,000 comments.  Some of the comments include, “MY NEW FAVORITE 7 YEAR OLDS♥” and “these girls are whores.”

A lot of viewers like the video and a lot of the reasons are because of their energy and flexibility.  Some of the viewers of the video feel the way I do and believe it’s wrong.  The person who choreographed this video could have done it tastefully without making the girls dance inappropriately and got the best of both worlds.

Seven year old should not be dancing this way.  Here’s the link so you can check it out for yourself and decide what your opinion is.