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Instructor Profile: Melissa Lemke-Elznic

Karly Liska, Reporter

March 19, 2015

Sometimes a teacher leaves a lasting impression on a student. This teacher for me was Melissa Lemke-Elznic who is laid back, easy to relate to, and has tattoos. After being in class with her for several weeks, I decided I wanted to know more about her. Melissa Lemke-Elznic was born and raised in Osmond, NE.  She never left the area becau...

Northeast Hosts10th Annual Multicultural Show

Northeast Hosts10th Annual Multicultural Show

March 25, 2013

March 24th, Northeast Community College held the 10th Annual Multicultural Show, sponsored by the College’s Multicultural Club. The Multicultural Show is a celebration of the different ethnicities on the Northeast campus in Norfolk. Entertainment included high-energy native dances, touching p...

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MElissa Lemke-Elznic