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Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’ Suffers From Predictability

Lifetime’s ‘Whitney’ Suffers From Predictability

January 13, 2015

By Kevin C. Johnson St. Louis Post-Dispatch (TNS) “Whitney” is everything you’d expect from an unauthorized Lifetime biopic about Whitney Houston. That’s not good news for Houston fans. Aside from strong lead performances from Yaya DaCosta and Arlen Escarpeta, “Whitney” is mostly a me...

The War on All Shores

March 1, 2012

As the old saying goes “time waits for no man.” But in this case it waits for a women or so as it seems. With the recent passing of Whitney Houston it slowed and almost came to a stop as multiple news stations dedicated their time to shelling out information of her life including her drug abuse;...

Whitney Houston’s shocking death: Funeral set in hometown of Newark

Caitlin Wilson

February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston’s unexpected death has left everyone in shock and grief. On February 11, 2012, the day before the 54th annual Grammy awards, Whitney Houston was found underwater and unconscious in her guest room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The cause of death remains unknown...

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