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Tech Topic

Tech Topic

Rachel Ellis, Reporter

March 1, 2013

Our generation is the first to be immersed in technology since early childhood. From computer class in Kindergarten to smartphones that do everything but turn on your oven (don't worry: LG is working on it) We are the techno-logic age. Chances are that your major relies on technology; as a Sophomore...

iPads for the Students at Northeast Community College

iPads for the Students at Northeast Community College

Daira Gentrup, Web Editor

January 17, 2013

Technology is taking over the world and Northeast Community College is jumping on board. Starting the spring semester of 2013, approximately 300 students will be able to check out iPads and use them in their classes for the entire semester. For 6 months, John Blaylock, Vice President of Education...

O’Neill High School Is At It Again

Caitlin Wilson, Reporter

September 14, 2012

O'Neill High School is always doing something fun and exciting with the technology of today's world. On Tuesday September 4th, the students of Micheal Peterson's accounting class got the idea to pay tribute to Colin Dodd's rap about the Debit Credit Theory. After watching his video, the students decided...

Technology Hooked

Technology Hooked

Britt Young, News Editor

April 19, 2012

Fifteen years ago bag phones were in cars and the internet was scarcely used by students in the Midwestern schools.  Moving the present, some people are so involved with technology they can not live without it for one full day. Many people comment how they have several hundred Facebook friends, but...

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