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Tech Q&A: Email Isn’t The Place To Store Important Documents

October 2, 2015

By Steve Alexander Star Tribune (Minneapolis) (TNS) After reading in last week's column that a woman lost irreplaceable data stored in an email account, a computer expert says consumers shouldn't treat email as an electronic filing cabinet. Janet Ikola of Richfield, Minn., wrote that she lost photos,...

Google Plans To Launch Small Wireless Network

Google Plans To Launch Small Wireless Network

March 3, 2015

By Paresh Dave Los Angeles Times (TNS) A Google executive said Monday that the company plans to launch a cellphone network to introduce technology that it wants to see big carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T adopt. Google expects to formally announce the service in the coming months, S...

TV Technology Yields Vast Wonderland

TV Technology Yields Vast Wonderland

February 24, 2015

By Hal Boedeker Orlando Sentinel (TNS) Long derided as the boob tube, television has entered an unprecedented era when people want to watch it everywhere at their own pace. Technological breakthroughs, time-shifted viewing and increased competition have pushed content to new levels of quality. As th...

Sound Advice: Earphones Good For Running

Sound Advice: Earphones Good For Running

January 11, 2015

By Don Lindich Tribune News Service (TNS) Q: I need some headphones or earphones to use while I run, preferably something that stays in my ear and sounds good. Bluetooth would be nice, but not 100 percent necessary. —Robert S., Willoughby, Ohio A: I recently tested two models recently that take...

High-Tech Feeders Free Dairy Farmers

Michele Rohe puts her face lovingly up to a calf at her dairy farm near Freeport, Minn. The farm's open pens give heifer calves a chance to move around, feed when they want and interact with other calves and humans.

November 21, 2014

By Tom Meersman Star Tribune (Minneapolis) (MCT) FREEPORT, Minn. — The calves at Rohe Dairy don’t bawl when they’re hungry. They live together in small groups in a tall, well-ventilated barn here, about 90 miles northwest of Minneapolis, and they eat whenever they please from an automated ca...

October 15, 2014

Troy Wolverton: With breaches on the rise, time to protect your data By Troy Wolverton San Jose Mercury News (MCT) One of the things that has become crystal clear in recent months is that consumers’ personal information is at great risk of being stolen. Security breaches at Target, JPMorgan Chase a...

South Sioux City Gets High Tech Classes

September 24, 2013

Press Release: James Curry iPhone, Facebook, digital photography classes at Northeast Community College in South Sioux City SOUTH SIOUX CITY – Three special interest classes on iPhones, the social media website Facebook and digital photography will be held in October at Northeast Community Colleg...

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