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Teacher helps students pursue dreams

Kaylea Kuhlman, Reporter September 5, 2018

From a college career to becoming professionals Maureen Carrigg gets to witness students go through it all. She learns what each student’s dream is and tries her hardest to help them complete it. Maureen...

On The Couch with Missionary Benedictine Sister Andrea Polt

On The Couch with Missionary Benedictine Sister Andrea Polt

Kim Taylor, Reporter June 13, 2017

Recently The Viewpoint had the privilege to interview Sister Andrea Polt from the Immaculata Monastery & Spirituality Center in Norfolk, Nebraska. Her life's work has taken her all over the world...

Lecturing points, cranked up to 11: The English teacher-led L.A. hard-core band Dangers forces you to pay attention

November 11, 2016

Inside a warehouse in industrial Vernon, Calif., Alfred Brown IV got repeatedly punched in the face. Spittle dripped from his mouth, and his jaw crunched under the hail of fists. Someone in Doc Martens...

Instructor Profile: Melissa Lemke-Elznic

Karly Liska, Reporter March 19, 2015

Sometimes a teacher leaves a lasting impression on a student. This teacher for me was Melissa Lemke-Elznic who is laid back, easy to relate to, and has tattoos. After being in class with her for several...

Meet the New History Teacher

Meet the New History Teacher

Brittany Hinkel, Editor/Reporter/Cartoonist September 6, 2012

History: a subject that some students may find uninteresting. That is, unless the subject is taught by someone quite the opposite. Kathleen, or Kate, Trindle is a new history teacher here at Northeast...

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