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Poultry Psychoanalysis

Poultry Psychoanalysis

Angela Richart

September 19, 2014

“Doc, do you really think you can help me?” “Of course,” the doctor smiled warmly, “but that requires you opening up and telling me about that baggage.” Dr. Mallard stroked his goatee as he sized up his newest patient, Chuck. He was a quiet type, who didn’t care to talk much, probably...

The Short, Crazy Life of Ginny Dare

The Short, Crazy Life of Ginny Dare

Karly Liska, Author

February 20, 2014

There’s a spider on the wall.  Back and forth, weaving a web, the light dancing off of the thread.  The spider is small and black and – an elbow nudges my arm.  I glance over and my father is glaring at me.  “Pay attention,” he hisses at me.  I look over on my other side to see that my mot...

Happy Halloween-Story by: Whitney Tyrrell;Picture by: Dillon Krueger

Whitney Tyrrell

October 31, 2013

“They’ll eat your insides and suck out your blood.” My older brother continued the legend of Mr. and Mrs. Corpse that supposedly lived in the house down the street.                 “Quit trying to scare me Zach it’s not going to work.” I stuck out my tongue at him even ...

Part One: The Face Of Janey Burks

Whitney Tyrrell, author

October 1, 2013

Janey New Year. New Faces. New stares. New judgments. I walked into the classroom and watched as a few girls laughed at my lack of fashion sense, I took a seat in the back where no one had sat down yet. I watched as more people filed in and right before the professor came in I saw a curvier set girl wa...



Mary Smith

September 19, 2013

She looked looked down at her iPhone and saw that she had a new video from Peter. It opened to his smiling face. "Hey sweets. You know I had to send you something today, cause you know even though we live so far apart, nothing could distract me from wishing you a Happy…" His eyes darted to...

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