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Sheep Can Recognize Individual Human Faces Author To Speak at Northeast

Greg Kosmicki

October 2, 2014

Greg Kosmicki will kick off the Northeast Community College Visiting Writers Series on October 16 at 7 p.m. in Hawks Landing. Kosmicki is a poet and social worker living in Omaha, Nebraska. He is also the Editor and Publisher of The Backwaters Press. He received his BA and MA in English from the Unive...

Please Don’t Cry

Please Don't Cry

Angela RIchart, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2014

Whatever you do, girl, please don't cry You can make it through People have your back They believe in you You know that's a fact Just keep your head held high Whatever you do, girl, please don't cry You're going to make it work You're stronger than you know Even if it hurts You...

The Birdbath

The Birdbath

Angela Richart, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

February 25, 2014

I am flat, cold and unmoving Moved only by glistening raindrops Plopping down from the sky Like salty tears from an eyelash Shimmering as it hurries down your cheek Weakly landing on the back of your hand And I am quite the same Daylight dries up my heart and yet Too often I am...

Poet Matt Mason delights Northeast audience

Mason entertained the NECC audience at Hawks Landing.

Angela Richart

October 23, 2013

Poet Matt Mason, executive director of the Nebraska Writers Collective read his award winning poetry at NECC Wednesday night at Hawks Landing. Mason is the second author visiting for the Fall Semester Visiting Writers Series.  He read from his new book, "The Baby that Ate Cincinnati" along with aud...

Award winning poet, Marjorie Saiser speaking at Northeast on Wednesday

September 8, 2013

The NECC Visiting Writers Series kicks off this year with Lincoln poet Marjorie Saiser.  She will be reading her work and talking with students on Wednesday, September 11th at 7 p.m. in Hawks Landing.  Saiser was named Distinguished Artist in Poetry by the Nebraska Arts Council in 2009. Her work ...

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