The ViewPoint

Everyone Has a Story-Joan Johnson

Brittany hinkel, Shift Editor/ Cartoonist

March 27, 2013

For most students, college is the part of one’s life stage that comes right after high school. It is easier to get financial aid, the study habit is already down, and there are slightly more, but still few, responsibilities. However, for a non-traditional college student, the college life is not...

Breaking Stereotypes, Making Dreams

Brittney Means, Opinion Editor

October 25, 2011

For some, making a career decision is a struggle.  For Caleb Nicolay, it was an easy one. Caleb was raised in Battle Creek, Neb.  He attended St. John’s Lutheran grade school and then Lutheran High Northeast in Norfolk, Neb.  When Caleb was in high school, he got a job at Community Pride Care...

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