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Poultry Psychoanalysis

Poultry Psychoanalysis

Angela Richart

September 19, 2014

Filed under Fiction

“Doc, do you really think you can help me?” “Of course,” the doctor smiled warmly, “but that requires you opening up and telling me about that baggage.” Dr. Mallard stroked his goatee as he sized up his newest patient, Chuck. He was a quiet type, who didn’t care to talk much, probably...

Book Review: This Book Is Full of Spiders

Book Review: This Book Is Full of Spiders

Adam Grosserode, Reporter

February 19, 2013

Filed under Books

David Wong’s book “This Book is Full of Spiders”, is a sequel to the book “John Dies at the End”. “This Book is Full of Spiders” is another comic horror novel that follows the antics of the two protagonists, David and his best friend John. The novel illustrates a world of apocalyp...

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