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Ask Angela: Slaying The Procrastination Dragon

Ask Angela: Slaying The Procrastination Dragon

Ask Angela

January 29, 2015

Dear Ultimate Procrastinator, As the queen of your people, I understand procrastinating like you would not believe. I am a full time student, have a part time job and I run the Viewpoint. I know how easy it is to skip the difficult projects and focus on the fun ones...until the day before it's due....

To Test or Not to Test

Daira Gentrup, Graphic Artist

December 4, 2012

The end of the semester is worst part of the year for any college student. There are colds, flus and other illnesses flying around. You have to make it home to see you family for the holidays and you have to remember everything thing your professors have said in the last 16 weeks. Sounds like a pretty...

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