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Homelessness in a ghost town

Homelessness in a ghost town

February 16, 2017

  LOS ANGELES — When Bill Clinton was president, the operator of Los Angeles International Airport began buying up and razing Manchester Square, a cozy 1950s housing tract located under the flight path. The buyouts took care of the residents’ noise complaints but left behind an eerily subu...

Homeless college student shows true grit in her pursuit of a home, degree

March 3, 2016

By Tony Briscoe Chicago Tribune (TNS) CHICAGO — On a frigid winter morning, Latia Crockett-Holder, 23, emerges from her tent beneath a crumbling overpass in her stocking feet. In the dim viaduct, where the streetlights are out and water drips from melting icicles like stalactites in a cavern, Cr...

The Young Girl’s Prayer

The Young Girl’s Prayer

Angela Richart

September 2, 2014

"Dear God, It's me again, Maggy. I know it is late, I hope I didn't wake you up. I'm seven years old now, but I'm not happy. Mama died when I was two, remember? And Daddy died last week. The police took my brother Joey away, and locked him in a dark cell. They accused him of stealing. They said ...

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