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The Virtual Student: The Nomad

The Virtual Student: The Nomad

Kaity Bauer, Writer

February 27, 2018

Hello everybody, welcome back to the misadventure that is my life.  I have a life update for you all, I am moving again! I know what you are all thinking, “But, you just got here!” That is very true, I literally just moved back to Norfolk in December. But, an amazing job has opened in Grand Isl...

Change My Name. Change Your Name!

Nikita Rector, Editor in Chief

September 12, 2012

I heard something on the radio awhile back that startled me and I haven't seemed to stop thinking about since... In Grand Island, NE a preschool told a deaf, three-year old student, that he had to change the sign for his name. Grand Island Public Schools' officials told the family that the manner...

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