The ViewPoint

Part Two: The Face Of Janey Burks

Whitney Tyrrell, Author

October 9, 2013

A fair warning to all my beloved readers, this week it's a bit short due to personal reasons! Next week though I will make up for it! Enjoy! -Whitney   Janey I can’t believe I actually just did that. Who knew I had the guts? “Alright you lose.” I walked up to Georgia. “What do...

Part One: The Face Of Janey Burks

Whitney Tyrrell, author

October 1, 2013

Janey New Year. New Faces. New stares. New judgments. I walked into the classroom and watched as a few girls laughed at my lack of fashion sense, I took a seat in the back where no one had sat down yet. I watched as more people filed in and right before the professor came in I saw a curvier set girl wa...

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