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The mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired hippie’ could help save the world’s bees

The mushroom dream of a 'long-haired hippie' could help save the world's bees

October 9, 2018

SEATTLE—The epiphany that mushrooms could help save the world’s ailing bee colonies struck Paul Stamets while he was in bed. “I love waking dreams,” he said. “It’s a time when you’re just coming back into consciousness.” Years ago, in 1984, Stamets had noticed a “continuous convoy of bees...

Apple to U.S. lawmakers: China did not hack us, as reported


October 9, 2018

Apple is strongly denying to Congress an explosive report that its products have been compromised by the Chinese government. Apple’s top security officer told lawmakers the company has found no evidence of claims made in a report published last week. His response comes after the Department of Homeland Se...

The economy is booming. But are Americans ready for the next recession?

We finance

October 2, 2018

Need a few thousand bucks? Get a loan fast online. Need a mortgage? Apply for one on your phone. Have questions for your bank? Chat with a robot instead of a teller. The way Americans interact with the financial system has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. And yet, for all the technologi...

University of Minnesota fraternity house death is under investigation


September 25, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS — Police are investigating the death of a University of Minnesota sophomore found Wednesday morning in the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house near the St. Paul campus. Police spokesman Steve Linders said authorities do not believe foul play was involved, nor do they believe it was caused by hazi...

GOP Lt. Gov. Candidate Lang Sias says he saw nothing at notorious sex party where dozens were assaulted

Special to the Viewpoint, Reporter

September 20, 2018

On Friday afternoon, the Colorado Sun published a story describing GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate Lang Sias's role in Tailhook, one of the most notorious military sexual assault scandals in U.S. history. According to records, Sias flew a taxpayer-funded combat jet to Las Vegas with his superior officer to attend the Tailhook conference, a notorious sex party where dozens of women and several men were assaulted -- many of them service members. Testimony and reports plac...

Is your avocado an illegal clone? Grower sues Miami competitor over trendy hot-seller

Avocado Clones

September 18, 2018

Deep in a lush remote valley in the Dominican Republic, the discovery of a single very special tree spawned a new species of avocado. Called the Carla, it has since emerged as a rock star of the avocado world, combining the buttery richness of the popular but small California-grown Hass with the prod...

Penn State frat reaches settlement with parents whose son died after hazing allegations

Jim Piazza

September 18, 2018

PHILADELPHIA — The New Jersey parents whose son died after a booze-fueled fraternity party at Pennsylvania State University in 2017 have reached a settlement on their claims against the national fraternity that includes a plan designed to make Greek life safer at the organization’s more than 100 chap...

SIM swap, cryptocurrency busts highlight new frontier for Bay Area tech cops

SIM swap, cryptocurrency busts highlight new frontier for Bay Area tech cops

September 10, 2018

Standing near the LAX security check, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Sgt. Samy Tarazi waited for the suspected bitcoin thief to emerge. He had been tracking the 20-year-old Boston college student for months and now Tarazi and his team were about to make one of the first arrests of its kind in the c...

Report Links UC Riverside Chancellor to Michigan State Sexual Assault Scandal

Report Links UC Riverside Chancellor to Michigan State Sexual Assault Scandal

Regan Dorcey

August 23, 2018

University of California, Riverside Chancellor Kim Wilcox, while serving as Michigan State University provost in 2010, allowed a dean accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women to continue in his post, The Detroit News reported. William Strampel, then dean of MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicin...

Commentary: Border agency that’s bloated and corrupt


August 23, 2018

By day, helicopters fly overhead. Dusty patrol vehicles take up neighborhood parking lots. By night, klieg lights illuminate the new, 18-foot steel fence that snakes along the sand dunes. This strip of land thousands of miles long feels like occupied territory. And in a way, it is. I refer, of course...

Rachel McAdams says ‘Disobedience’ sex scene with Rachel Weisz was better than with any male actor

Rachel McAdams says ‘Disobedience’ sex scene with Rachel Weisz was better than with any male actor

May 26, 2018

Rachel McAdams’ sex scene in her new movie was unlike any she’d shot before — and not just because it was a woman. In “Disobedience,” McAdams plays Esti Kuperman, the married Orthodox Jewish woman who falls in love with Ronit Krushka (Rachel Weisz). The movie, based on the novel of the same...

Four indie debuts worth watching out for

May 24, 2018

The Sundance Film Festival has been a launching pad for countless filmmakers over the years, from Steven Soderbergh and Nicole Holofcener to Ryan Coogler and Quentin Tarantino. Similarly bright futures may await four first-time filmmakers from the 2018 edition, whose notable debuts will make their way...

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